Recent changes to this wiki:

Adding comment, late.
Add comment from Jamie
Change footer link style.
creating tag page tags/kvm
Adding a new blog post, it has been a while.
Committing actual comment.
Add new blog landing pages.
Changing the font to be almost all sans-serif, because freedom.
Updating where I live and work.
creating tag page tags/gpg
Add blog about checking gpg revocations.
Another attempt at fixing OpenID login.
Remove attempt to fix OpenID login probleDm.
Attempt to fix OpenID login problem.
Attempt to fix OpenID login problem.
Add style for errors reported on screen.
Use new javascript dir.
Adding OpenID customizaions, and form styling.
Moving javascript into its own directory.
Hack the openid jquery to not use styles that look bad on my site.
Another tweak for syntax highlighting CSS.
Tweaks for syntax highlighting CSS.
Add link to full text stream on main blog page.
Fix recent comment pages and feeds.
Make sure that pages that show other pages, inline linstings etc., don't show up on other pages. Its ugly, and weirdly recursive.
Add tag cloud to the sidebar.
CSS for calendars.
calendar update
Adding forgotten full page listing.
Adding pagespec for more directive and full length pages. As well as some small changes to the tag cloud style.
More tweaks to comment styling.
More comment workflow figuring out.
Comment moderation
Removing test comments.
Add CSS for comments, which I had forgotten. Whoops.
Added a comment
Added a comment: Test comment
Fix a broken link, and add a link to the backport package page.
CSS tweak.
Removing posts dir.
CSS tweaks to get local.css to valideate.
More css tweaks.
More css tweaks.
CSS Changes to prep for a switch to HTML 5.
Fix recent changes page css.
Fixing error in pager definitions.
creating tag page tags/ikiwiki
Fixing October landing page, adding Nov landing page, adding favicon.
Updating info, links and titles.
creating tag page tags/squeeze-backports
Changed oftc handle, and linked logos to project pages.
Fix a broken link on the about page, and an attempt to get more module working with one piece of content.
Seeing if a different nesting syntax works for the squeeze version of ikiwiki.
Reverting nesting change.
Seeing if a different nesting syntax works for the squeeze version of ikiwiki.
Fixing changed path in the navbar template file.
Adding the navbar template file.
Adding in public key information.
Adding the about page and associated images.
Adding customized index page.
Adding CC copyright assignment.
Add third blog post.
Add second blog post.
Add first blog post.
Removing blog posts to fix time order.
Add third blog post.
Add second blog post.
Add first blog post.
creating tag page tags/startx
creating tag page tags/privilege_separation
creating tag page tags/policykit_bug
creating tag page tags/tech
creating tag page tags/debian
creating tag page tags/xfce
creating tag page tags/xpra
Adding in a blog archive tree.
Adding in images for the themes and templates.
Adding JavaScript customizations.
Adding CSS customizations.
Adding template customizations.
initial commit