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Doing this with Docker


sorry to spam your comments, but for the past year or so I have been working on a project called subuser which does this but with Docker containers rather than separate users.

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systemd-logind, virtual terminals, and X sessions

Hi, Nat. I am also using "exec startx" and was still having trouble with console/policy kit and NetworkManager authorization. It turns out this Debian bug report helped me solve the problem:



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I hadn't read about xpra before this, and it might be exactly the tool I'm looking for. I have been following a Linux distro called Qubes OS for a couple of years and while I like the strong privilege separation it provides it's far from ready for prime time.

Fast forward to 2014, where tools like lxc, or Docker are readily available and networking utilities like Open vSwitch and I think we can really do some magic.

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Nice blog. This really makes me wonder if we should create some kind of package that could put all of this together and present an easy user interface for setting up. Given how seamless it is to run different programs as different users, and how useful it is to do that, I think we should be making it easier for people to do.
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