I just heard a about this new thing, they call it a blog! Have you heard? As one who is always up on their latest tech, I welcome you to my blog.

So, yeah, I'm really late to the whole blogging thing. If it were 2004, I might be ahead of the curve, but like a true trend setter I've waited until no one cares anymore. These days, setting up a blog is about as exciting as setting up an email address. But, like email, blogs are now a part of the way information travels on the Internet.

I have contemplated starting a blog many times over the years, but ultimately have put it off. I spend enough time sitting in front of a computer, and a blog just seemed like yet another thing to keep me from ever seeing the sun. So why now? I'm not really sure, other than a recurring and nagging desire to share my thoughts and notes. I have derived a lot of benefit over the years from blog posts about random tech topics; its time that I paid the Internet back with some of my knowledge.

I'm not sure of the breadth of content that will end up getting posting here, but it will probably include stuff about free software, and how to do crazy things using it. There may also be personal thoughts, stuff about bicycles, stuff about my neighborhood, and maybe politics if the mood strikes me.

The about page has a little more information about me.

The first few posts in the pipe are all tech. Getting to this point has been a chore in and of itself. I can't stop tweaking and customizing this IkiWiki site. The problem with having been a web developer for so long, is that I'm really picky about web sites, and Ikiwiki lets you change a lot.

Finally, I cannot let the opportunity of innaugurating the site pass without commenting that even eight years later, I still find it hilarious that the word "blog" slipped into the lexicon and stayed there. It will always be amusing that we take people who call themselves "bloggers" seriously.