Ahead of the curve, I start a blog

I just heard a about this new thing, they call it a blog! Have you heard? As one who is always up on their latest tech, I welcome you to my blog.

So, yeah, I'm really late to the whole blogging thing. If it were 2004, I might be ahead of the curve, but like a true trend setter I've waited until no one cares anymore. These days, setting up a blog is about as exciting as setting up an email address. But, like email, blogs are now a part of the way information travels on the Internet.


Privilege Separation Using Xpra

This is the next in a series on changes I made when I upgraded from Debian squeeze to wheezy (see the first one). I decided to take to opportunity of the upgrade to do some better privilege separation on my system. The goal was to get the software that I don't think should have any access to the rest of my running X session, to run as its own user and be completely cut off from my X session. This had to happen in a way that doesn't change my work flow and browsing habits. I accomplished this using Xpra, and some handler scripts.


Getting startx, Consolekit and Xfce 4.8 to play nicely in Debian wheezy

I recently upgraded from Debian squeeze to wheezy. As happens with these upgrades, I was awash in things that no longer worked quite the way I expected them to, and configuration changes to make.

This is the first of a couple pieces on what I did to get things working to my liking. As the title suggest, this is about the the interactions of startx, ConsoleKit, and Xfce 4.8. Or, more accurately, how the interactions between those things broke in my setup when I upgraded, and how I got it working again.


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