So a little over a year ago, around the original launch of this blog, I mused about my apprehension that I wouldn't ever update it. As I said it then:

I spend enough time sitting in front of a computer, and a blog just [is] yet another thing to keep me from ever seeing the sun. So why now? I'm not really sure, other than a recurring and nagging desire to share my thoughts and notes.

Well. I was right that I would never update the site; or at least I haven't substantially in 16 months or so. Though that nagging feeling is back. This post is mainly to make sure my workflow still functions, and get the juices flowing, so that I can write a slew of new posts following up on my previous post about privilege separation using xpra, this time using machine virtualization.

In the time that has passed since I stopped post here, lots has happened.

For starters, after ten plus years in Brooklyn, and more than eleven in NYC, I moved from New York back home to Baltimore. I did so for many reasons, including a new job as a Technologist at the the Open Technology Institute, which is part of the a think tank in Washington DC called New America. For the most part, I'm working on Commotion Wireless.

That change, plus the other joys and complications of life have changed the time I have to do things like write blog posts, but I think I've finally figured it out! So stay tuned, there hopefully will be more coming, at least if you're into obscure tech things. I would like to write about more fun things, like gardening, cycling, and politics. we'll see...