Reviving the old blog

So a little over a year ago, around the original launch of this blog, I mused about my apprehension that I wouldn't ever update it. As I said it then:

I spend enough time sitting in front of a computer, and a blog just [is] yet another thing to keep me from ever seeing the sun. So why now? I'm not really sure, other than a recurring and nagging desire to share my thoughts and notes.

Well. I was right that I would never update the site; or at least I haven't substantially in 16 months or so. Though that nagging feeling is back. This post is mainly to make sure my workflow still functions, and get the juices flowing, so that I can write a slew of new posts following up on my previous post about privilege separation using xpra, this time using machine virtualization.

In the time that has passed since I stopped post here, lots has happened.